HMAP Town Halls & Campus Conversations
Healthy Masculinity Town Halls and Campus Conversations are gatherings facilitated by Healthy Masculinity Training Institute leaders where community members and students can have honest conversations about healthy masculinity. These Town Halls and Campus Conversations will produce action plans to promote healthy masculinity, build stronger and healthier communities and campuses, and improve lives.

Howard University Healthy Masculinity Campus Conversation

“Show no emotion.” How men are taught to smother a rich and complicated emotional life was one of the topics of conversation at the Howard University Campus Conversation the evening of October 29, 2013. In recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Howard University Interpersonal Violence Prevention Program, the Men of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, the Men of Drew Hall, and Men Can Stop Rape hosted the event, attended by more than 50 people, the overwhelming majority of them men.

Four outstanding male storytellers – a dean, a student, and two university alumni – kicked off the conversation with personal stories that took place in the Marines, on the basketball court, in a dorm, and in a close relationship. Hands shot up across the room in response, and for the next 50 minutes, students used their heads and hearts to speak about unhealthy and healthy masculinity.

The Howard men showed their emotions at the Campus Conversation.

This event would not have happened without the support and commitment of the following people: Dr. Barbara Griffin, Dr. Tricia Bent-Goodley, Akosoa Latrice, Mr. Tyrone Barksdale, Dr. Marc Lee, Lavar Youmans, Lamar White, Dr. Christopher St. Vil, the Men of Omega Psi Phi, the Men of Drew Hall, Roselena Martinez, Melanie Ortel, and Sherri Cunningham.

Men Can Stop Rape thanks the Verizon Foundation and Verizon Wireless for sponsoring this event.

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HMAP Holds Trainings and Town Hall in North Dakota

A diverse group of people consisting of law enforcement, tribal men and women, sexual assault and domestic violence advocates, educators, military representatives, state political staffers, and Watford City community members gathered on July 31, 2013 in the heart of the Bakken Formation to discuss Healthy Masculinity and the Oil Patch.

At the start of the town hall a tribal man sang a song in his native language about mothers, daughters, grandmothers, and aunts. After the four storytellers – two men and two women – told a story of their experiences with masculinity, a heartfelt conversation ensued facilitated by representatives from CAWS North Dakota and Men Can Stop Rape, the organizers of the event. “We need our men to stand with us,” one woman said. Later a man said, “We men need to forgive who we were and become who we want to be.” A point was made about the role healthy masculinity can play in building connection and community in Bakken communities challenged by the overwhelming influx of male energy workers.

At the end of the town hall, the CAWS North Dakota town hall facilitator referenced a line from a storyteller’s story, “Who taught your kids to hate?” and asked the town hall participants, “Who will teach our boys to love?”

ND Town Hall Allies

The North Dakota Healthy Masculinity Town Hall Allies consisted of the Watford City Police Department, McKenzie County Economic Development and Tourism, Rape and Abuse Crisis Center, North Dakota Women’s Network, the North Dakota State Attorney’s Office, the North Dakota Farmer’s Union, Men’s Action Network, North Dakota National Guard Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program, CVIC Safe Shelter, Prevent Child Abuse North Dakota, and Three Rivers Crisis Centers.

Where Do You Stand? North Dakota

On July 30, 2013, the day before the town hall, Men Can Stop Rape conducted a day-long Where Do You Stand? bystander intervention training as part of the launch of the North Dakota Where Do You Stand? campaign, consisting of messaging and images tailored to the state. Campaign materials were distributed at the training and the town hall.