A Roundup of Coverage from our University of Montana Training
We've got a slew of articles coming out of Montana around our two-day training at the University of Montana in Missoula. In television news, Men Can Stop Rape's work was covered by CBS and and NBC in Montana. The CBS report includes great video coverage and an interview with Director of Training and Technical Assistance Joseph Vess. Also be sure to check out this great piece in the Montana Kaimin, a University of Montana newspaper, called "I Can Stop Rape." The author, Brooks Johnson, begins the report with "It's not enough to be angry or scared about it. Fixing reporting practices won't solve the problem. The self-defense tactics shift the burden to the victim. It's men — 99 percent of all rapists — who have to put an end to sexual violence" and it only gets better from there. Lastly, Mollie Murphy, another UM student who attended the trainings, wrote an article for Her Campus you can find here. She writes about the trainings, "What impressed me most was the manner in which they presented this information and the way they engaged in a group discussion.  For many of the audience members, this was all somewhat unfamiliar.  The facilitators presented the information in a way that was clear, concise, and accessible to people of all backgrounds."

Check out the facilitators, advisory board, and members of our newest Campus Men of Strength Club at University of Montana-Missoula: