New York Times Quotes Executive Director Neil Irvin

Check out this New York Times article on male survivors of sexual assault. From the article: “If you’re sexually assaulted, there’s this idea that you’re no longer a man,” said Neil Irvin, executive director of the organization Men Can Stop Rape. “The violence is ignored, and your sexual orientation and gender are confronted.”

Recognizing male survivors of sexual assault is vital to making the world safer and more comfortable for all survivors of gender-based violence and to ending all violence. This article reminds us that rape is a men's issue in that men are both perpetrators and victims of sexual assault and rape. It's important to remember that the majority of rapes involving a male victim are committed by heterosexual men (McMullen 1990), which points to a toxic culture of unhealthy masculinity which hurts women and men in many ways. Men Can Stop Rape firmly believes gender-based violence can only be stopped through primary prevention, a process which necessitates a culture shift away from the dominant story of masculinity and toward healthy embodiments of masculinity. Only through cultivating social-emotional intelligence and anti-violence practices in boys and men can we end gender-based violence against women and men and create a culture where female and male survivors can comfortably tell their stories and begin healing.