The Strength of Gorilla Glue and Social Marketing for Young Men

Patrick McGann, Ph.D., Director of Strategy & Prevention

The makers of Gorilla Glue claim that it is “the only super glue tough enough to be called Gorilla.” To create a successful comprehensive social marketing campaign focusing on prevention of gender-based violence, you need a bonding agent as strong as Gorilla Glue.

This keynote presentation travels beyond the conventional conceptions of social marketing as simply a billboard or TV PSA. Using the six level Spectrum of Prevention and Men Can Stop Rape’s revolutionary Strength Campaign, Dr. McGann presents how a comprehensive social marketing campaign using a clear and consistent bonding agent to link the Spectrum levels leads to stronger shared impact.

Participants will learn:

1.            The differences between social marketing and social media

2.            The five Ps of social marketing

3.            How to connect social marketing and the Spectrum of Prevention

4.            The glue that holds together a comprehensive social marketing campaign

5.            How to immediately start implementing social marketing principles


Men Can Stop Rape has created groundbreaking statewide, national, and worldwide public education campaigns for organizations and agencies like the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault, EngenderHealth in South Africa, and the United States Department of Defense.