Where Do You Stand? Engaging Men in Bystander Intervention

Years of research and working with men around preventing violence against women have taught us two things. One is that the vast majority of men are opposed to violence against women. The second is that most men don’t recognize it when it happens, and don’t intervene in problematic situations for a wide variety of reasons. Building off that research, Men Can Stop Rape created the WHERE DO YOU STAND? Campaign, which addresses some of the main reasons men don’t intervene: we don’t know what to do, and we’re concerned about our masculinity being questioned. This keynote will discuss the reasons men don’t intervene and how we can constructively use masculinity to get men more involved at every level of prevention.

Participants will learn:

1.            The reasons why more men, and more people in general, don’t challenge violence against women

2.            How men and women can connect with emotional intelligence and their gut instinct for more effective interventions

3.            Effective bystander intervention strategies for use in a wide variety of situations, especially with men

4.            Ways to engage other people in your community as active bystanders