Adam Middleton

Adam_MiddletonWhat is your name?

Adam Middleton

What High School did you graduate from?

Benjamin Banneker Academic High School, Class of 2011

What College are you attending?

George Washington University, Class of 2015

What are you up to now?

I'm a full-time journalism major, spending much of my thinking on school, self-improvment, and chocolate

Please tell us about any of your projects or other works?

I'm the asst. editor of the ACE Magazine- the premier multicultural publication at GW.

What was important about MOST Club for you?

Most Club first opened my eyes to the serious issue of violence against women. Personally, though, it intrinsically helped make me a better man, more comfortable with himself and better prepared to enter the world. Now, in Campus Men of Strength at GW, I want to help create a similar space for others.