Will Harris
What is your name?

Will Harris

What High School did you graduate from?

Hyd Leadership Public Charter School

What College did you attend?

Bucknell University, class of 2012

What are you up to now?

Currently, I am working at MCSR doing youth development. I have been working on revisng and updating our Men of Strength Club curriculum. Soon I will be helping favilitate a MOST Club at Kennedy Recreation Center and develop skills that will help me continue to facilitate MOST Clubs in high schools and middle schools in the fall.

Please tell us about any of your projects or other works

I am also working alongside other MCSR staff on the Stand STrong Campaign which is an initiative that was started by fellow MOST Club members at the University of Hawaii at Hilo that aims to partner with ocal businesses to help in the effort to end violence in all its forms.

What was important about MOST Club for you?

MOST Club served as a space where I could feel free to express my feelings on an array of subjects, while also forming bonds with other young men who may have shared struggles similar to mine during that time.