FAQsOnce a MOST Club is up and running, what support does Men Can Stop Rape offer?
We conduct monthly conference calls to provide technical assistance to the MOST Club facilitators. This is the opportunity for the facilitators to receive assistance with any challenges they may have with their MOST Club and to also celebrate their successes with their MOST Club members. The facilitators are able to email or call with questions in between the monthly conference calls. Some of the other ways we offer support are providing supply checks each semester, our most updated version of our MOST Club curriculum, and evaluation instruments.

Do I have to re-license the MOST Club curriculum every year?
An organization can choose to license the MOST Club curriculum every year. In order to remain in the MOST Club network, there is an annual fee. This will allow an organization to continue receiving monthly conference call support, supply checks, MOST Club gear (wristbands, lapel pins, MOST Club shirts, etc.), updated MOST Club curriculum, our evaluation instruments, and many more. Organizations that decide to not pay the annual fee will still be allowed to facilitate the MOST Club but will not receive the additional materials and support.

Is there a MOST Club for young women?
Our MOST Club is only for middle school and high school age young men. We are currently developing curriculum for Club WISE (Women Inspiring Strength and Empowerment). If you are interested in Club WISE, please contact Ebony Wheeler.

If the MOST Club curriculum is designed to run over the course of a school year, what happens in year two? Does the material get repeated? What if I have a lot of the same members the second year?
The same material will be repeated in the second year for the new and veteran MOST Club members. The veteran MOST Club members are expected to have a larger role in following years. They will be leading some conversations and exercises during meetings and assisting in the planning and implementation of Community Strength Projects at their school.

What is the average size of a MOST Club? What if I want to reach more students?
The average size of a MOST CLUB is 10 to 12 young men. Groups are held to this size due to the conversational nature of the MOST Club. It is a positive, private space for young men to talk about many issues and get feedback at the same time. We have also discovered that this size is ideal due to the time and nature of our sessions.

How are the participants in MOST Club selected?
We use nomination forms that we provide to a contact person at the school. This person knows the students very well and can “nominate” them to be a part of the MOST Club. We have a mix of young men who participate. We do not exclusively work with the young men who are always in trouble. We also have honor roll students, band members, and student-athletes who are members in MOST Club.

Do you include survivors and perpetrators of violence in MOST Club?
We do not ask our members, at any time, to self-report. There is a likelihood we have both due to the large number of MOST Club members nationally.

How do we identify a MOST Club facilitator?
The sponsoring organization can ask a male colleague, or staff person at the site (school, recreation center, etc.) if they would like to become a MOST Club facilitator. We do not identify a facilitator for you. The facilitator is a volunteer and is not paid by MCSR to facilitate the MOST Club. The facilitator can be paid by the sponsoring organization if their program budget allows them to do so.

How much parental involvement is there?
We primarily focus on young men in MOST Club. We have a parental permission form that parents are asked to sign for their son to participate. If a parent does not want their son to participate, he will not. A parent is able to attend any MOST Club session when they request to do so.

How frequent are MOST Club meetings and for how long?
MOST Club sessions are once each week and one hour at a time during the course of a school year.