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Men Can Stop Rape has been mentioned in three Huffington Post articles in the last month. Find us in this post on helping moms in need for Mother's Day, this article on men's violence in the context of the Cleveland kidnappings, and this article on the importance of men in ending violence against women.


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Sexual Violence Not a Military 'Cancer,' But a Crisis at All Levels of Society

Check out Men Can Stop Rape Deputy Director Rachel Friedman's response to the recent focus on military sexual assaults here.

Rachel writes, "The news stories that I read, see, and hear about seem to exceptionalize sexual assault to whatever community it has most recently and most publicly reared its ugly head. When I hear people talk about sexual assault issues, it is often in the domain of what others are doing wrong. The fact is that sexual assault, sexual violence, rape, sexual abuse, incest, sexual harassment, power-based violence, and any other descriptive word we’d like to use is not just one community’s or population’s or institution’s problem. It is going on everywhere – from sea to shining sea, in the hood and in the board room, in athletic departments and in the science lab, from the mouths of politicians to the jokes of comedians – and it is affecting all of us."

Read the rest of Rachel's post here.

Support Men Can Stop Rape Today for Do More 24!

Today, June 6, the United Way of the National Capital Area and its partners are hosting Do More 24 Day for the region. This is a 24 hour opportunity to mobilize communities and give to local charities and non-profits to help people in the Washington, DC area.

Please help Men Can Stop Rape continue to serve the boys and young men in Washington, DC, and throughout the country through our Men of Strength (MOST) Club programming. The MOST Club teaches boys and young men crucial concepts and skills so that they can prevent violence before it starts, intervene when it happens, and help build a peaceful and equitable world.

By donating today at this link, you can help Men Can Stop Rape compete for cash prizes and make your dollar go further. Give whatever you can and your money will go towards funding Community Strength Projects, deepening MOST Clubs where they already exist, and establishing MOST Clubs where they don't. Please donate all day today on our Do More 24 page.

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Register today for the upcoming Healthy Masculinity Training Institute. This three day institute will provide you with the skills to promote healthy masculinity in your life, your organization, and your community and for you to organize a Healthy Masculinity Town Hall or Campus Conversation. Find out more here and register here.


Men Can Stop Rape is proud to participate in theSWAGspot, a digital village on Tumblr dedicated to sustaining conversations with men for men led by 'emotional justice.' Via letters, notes, stories, and poems, men write on love, lessons, legacy, loneliness, violence, rage, heartbreak, and more. Check it out at the-swag-spot.tumblr.com and share your story to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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