Primary Prevention
BI1Usually we as a society assume that the burden of preventing rape, domestic violence, and dating violence largely falls on the shoulders of women and girls. Men are often at a loss as to how they can play a positive part in stopping sexual violence.

Primary prevention offers men a positive role to play. Put simply, this public health approach is about stopping the violence before it starts. End goals include not only healthy relationships but also healthy communities. In a healthy community the well-being and safety of all its members is of central importance. Gender-based violence, racist violence, and gay bashing destroy a community's health.

From Men Can Stop Rape's perspective, healthy masculinity supports the traits of healthy communities. Some of the principles MCSR considers integral to healthy masculinity are:

Recognizing unhealthy aspects of masculinity

Empathizing with others

Supporting gender equity and other forms of equity

Replacing risky and violent masculine attitudes and behaviors with behaviors
   and attitudes that respect the self and others

Learning skills to constructively challenge unhealthy masculine attitudes and

Engaging men to participate in the creation of a culture of primary prevention within their community requires a parallel process of building and supporting healthy masculinity.