Start a MOST Club
Benefits of Starting a MOST Clubstart_a_most_club

For Men of Strength Club Members
■ Access to positive male mentors

■ Fun environments

■ Healthier understanding of manhood and masculinity

■ Increased awareness of men’s role in preventing violence against women

■ Increased skills to take public action to prevent violence against women

For Partner Sites
■ Additional strategies for ensuring a healthy, safe, and equitable environment for young women and men

■ Status as community leader in innovative violence prevention and youth development practices

■ Increased engagement and investment from students

For Your Community
■ The tangible outcomes of Community Strength Projects
■ Status as a national leader in innovative violence prevention and youth development practices
■ Greater investment from young people in the health and safety of their community

Preparing to Start a MOST Club

Get Buy-in from Others
Identify the key players that will work as possible allies. Get their support. Share this package with them. If you need more, you can download it from our website or request additional copies to be mailed to you.

Conduct a Readiness Assessment
Request and review the “Criteria Questionnaire” to determine your level of preparedness. Examples of questions that you will be asked:

■ When and where can the Club regularly meet? Consistency is crucial!

■ Are there on-site staff who will support the Club?

■ Will the facilitator be available for a mandatory two-day training?

■ Do you have the capacity to evaluate Club impact?

■ Are you willing to support a Community Strength Project?

Determine Costs and Funding Availability
■ Draft a budget to determine the projected operating costs of a Club. Money is needed for staffing,
supplies, incentives, overhead, travel, training, certification fees, etc.
■ Can you cover these costs with existing funds? If not, what is your plan to raise the necessary

Once you have completed the steps above, please e-mail Neil Irvin at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to discuss next steps.