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The Where Do You Stand? Campaign

“It's great…In a culture that tends either to grossly blame the victim or partake in a similarly discomfiting 'white knight' dependence on men to save the tipsy damsel, these ads are admirably precise in their rhetoric.”

J. Bryan Lowder, Slate Magazine


Men Can Stop Rape is pleased to announce the launch of WHERE DO YOU STAND?, a new bystander intervention campaign for college men.  WHERE DO YOU STAND? positively portrays young men as vital allies and invites all men to consider their own stance on men preventing sexism and sexual assault. The WHERE DO YOU STAND? Campaign Guide is full of information on how you can launch the campaign on your campus.

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The [YMOST] Campaign


"The greatest opportunity to fix bullying or harassment would be with the bystanders. There are many more bystanders than there are bullies and victims."
- Jerry Misik

Men Can Stop Rape (MCSR), internationally known for its social marketing work positively targeting high school and college age men, is stepping for the first time into the tween arena with [YMOST], the Young Men of Strength Campaign. Focusing on role modeling bystander intervention, this anti-bullying and harassment public service announcement campaign addresses four behaviors common to middle schools: gender-based harassment, teasing, bullying, and cyber-harassing. Through behavioral modeling situated in different school settings, eye catching and innovative [YMOST] posters empower young men to take action when their peers harass and bully.

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