Where Do You Stand? Healthy Masculinity, Sexual Assault Prevention, & Bystander Intervention for College Professionals
FULL-DAY TRAINING. Grounded in recent research on how and why men do and don't intervene as active bystanders, this training prepares university sexual assault professionals and student peer educators to conduct an hour-long bystander intervention workshop.

Participants will gain expertise at helping young men develop emotional intelligence, a part of healthy masculinity, and at creating a diverse toolbox of nonviolent intervention strategies.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • explain how unhealthy masculinity negatively affects young men’s relationship with bystander intervention and sexual assault prevention
  • connect nonviolent, healthy masculinity with young men and bystander intervention
  • conduct a one-hour sexual assault bystander intervention workshop that is applicable for all genders, but especially young men.