Re-Imagining Consent: How Healthy Masculinity Can Prevent Rape
HALF-DAY TRAINING. Our experience has shown that many young men and women still do not have an accurate understanding of what constitutes rape. The misinformation we receive about rape from cultural myths and social norms often erases consent as a critical part of sex.

Building on the “yes means yes” model of enthusiastic consent, our workshop defines rape and consent and focuses on the power of healthy masculinity to promote consent and prevent rape.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • explain how unhealthy masculinity miseducates young men when it comes to rape
  • use healthy masculinity to educate young men on what rape is
  • use healthy masculinity to redefine consent
  • conduct learning activities that re-educate young men about rape using healthy masculinity


  • “What is Healthy Masculinity?” info sheet
  • “Defining the Rules between Sex and Rape” info sheet
  • Outlines of learning activities

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