Connecting Domestic Violence with Responsible Fatherhood through Healthy Masculinity
FULL-DAY TRAINING. The work of domestic violence professionals and responsible fatherhood groups can be strongly connected. And yet it can be unusual for these two groups to interact and collaborate. Healthy masculinity, based on the well-being of men and boys AND women and girls, offers the possibility of building a bridge connecting the two groups. This training will provide professionals in these two groups with a grounding in the theories and practice of healthy masculinity as it relates to domestic violence and fatherhood.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • identify core values the two groups share
  • connect healthy masculinity with the shared core values
  • conduct learning activities that strengthen the ability of the two groups to work together to prevent domestic violence 


  • “What is Healthy Masculinity?” info sheet
  • Outlines of learning activities

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