Where Do You Stand? Healthy Masculinity, Domestic Violence Prevention, & Bystander Intervention
FULL-DAY TRAINING. Men Can Stop Rape sees the root cause of domestic and sexual violence as unhealthy masculinity and viewing and treating a person as "less than." This training will offer domestic violence professionals and offender managers effective strategies to help men identify unhealthy masculinity as the root cause of both domestic and sexual violence and strategies to promote healthy masculinity.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • explain how unhealthy masculinity negatively affects young men’s relationship with bystander intervention and domestic violence prevention
  • connect nonviolent, healthy masculinity with men and bystander intervention
  • conduct a one-hour sexual assault bystander intervention workshop that is applicable for all genders, but especially men.


  • “Where Do You Stand?” training manual
  • “What is Healthy Masculinity?” info sheet

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