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MCSR Participates in "It's Time to Talk" Day
Its_Time_to_Talk-Community_Strength_ProjectMen Can Stop Rape participated in Liz Claiborne's 8th annual It's Time to Talk Day on Thursday December 8th. Executive Director Neil Irvin appeared on many of the nation's top talk radio shows through "Talk Radio Row" to speak about how young men can prevent domestic violence, sexual assault, and teen dating violence. Check out Love is Not Abuse for more information!
Support the Saving Money and Reducing Tragedies through Prevention Act of 2011

Contact the offices of Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and Representative John Lewis to let them know you support their efforts to prevent violence against women.


  • The recent Penn State case and subsequent spike in calls to sexual assault hotlines have shined a spotlight on the issue of childhood sexual violence.
  • The recent Department of Justice study, National Survey of Children’s Exposure to Violence, found 1 in 16 children were victimized sexually in the past year, and that 15.5 million children live in two-parent homes where adult partner violence occurred in the previous year.
  • As part of the cycle of violence, approximately one in three adolescent girls in the United States is a victim of physical, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner – a figure that far exceeds victimization rates for other types of violence affecting youth.
  • Children who are exposed to even one type of violence are at far greater risk of experiencing other types of violence, including teen dating violence and then domestic violence.

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