Baltimore MOST Club Kicks Off Year

City_SpringsCity Springs Elementary/Middle School MOST Club in Baltimore, MD has been hard at work this semester making their school and themselves stronger. The MOST Club is now in its second year and is being facilitated by teachers Antoine Lewis and Brendan Lee. The hold MOST Club meetings twice a week on Wednesday and Friday mornings when they learn how to display a healthier and more authentic vision of masculinity. Outside of MOST Club meetings, these young men are doing great work at their school and are becoming leaders modelling strength for their fellow classmates. On December 12, the City Springs MOST Club will be holding an open meeting which will be co-facilitated by one of its members.

Mr. Lewis, one of the MOST Club facilitators, is also the Head Coach of the City Springs Eagles football team, which is in its first year of existence. Congratulations to the Eagles on a very successful first season!