Introducing Where Do You Stand? Package Deals

“It's great…In a culture that tends either to grossly blame the victim or partake in a similarly discomfiting “white knight” dependence on men to save the tipsy damsel, these ads are admirably precise in their rhetoric.”

J. Bryan Lowder, Slate Magazine

Brand new WHERE DO YOU STAND? campaign packages are available now. Start the spring semester strong and be the first to order!

  • Inspiring and provocative materials to motivate young men on your campus to become active bystanders to prevent sexism and gender-based violence.
  • Customized banners, floor graphics, posters, & postcards that include your organization’s logo and contact information.
  • Bystander intervention train-the-trainers programs.
  • Each package includes wristbands and free shipping! Special limited-time deals!

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