CDC Announces Research Award
We are honored to share that the CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control has announced a research award for the Research Triangle Institute (RTI) focusing on Evaluating the Prevention Effects of Men of Strength (MOST) Clubs on Sexual Violence and Teen Dating Violence Perpetration. Men Can Stop Rape's youth development program, the Men of Strength Club, is the country’s premier primary violence prevention program for mobilizing young men to prevent sexual and dating violence. We will be working closely in partnership with RTI on the research initiative.

Sexual violence and dating violence among high school students are significant public health problems, and increasing the availability of evidence-based primary prevention strategies is critical. The MOST Club is an after-school positive youth development program that encourages high school males to become “change agents” by promoting healthy masculinity and peer leadership within their school community. This promising sexual violence prevention strategy will be evaluated using a randomized controlled trial with 16 high schools. Examined program impacts will include changes in the perpetration of sexual violence, teen dating violence, other forms of interpersonal violence, and bystander behaviors at six-month and one-year follow-ups. This research can inform ways to efficiently and effectively prevent multiple forms of violence by addressing common risk and protective factors.