A Comprehensive Approach: The Strength Campaign

In contrast to traditional efforts that address men as the problem, Men Can Stop Rape's pioneering work embraces men as vital allies with the will and character to make healthy choices and foster safe, equitable relationships. Our youth development programming, public education messaging, and leadership training together constitute a unified and comprehensive campaign that has been launched in states and cities around the country.

The Strength Campaign reaches young men at every level of the Social -Ecological Model. MCSR’s youth development programs, the Men of Strength (MOST) Club in middle and high schools and Campus Men of Strength Club in colleges and universities, work at the individual level by helping members to build a healthier masculinity. These young men, in turn, go on to work at the relationship level by positively influencing peers, teachers, and family. They next work at the community level when they implement a Community Strength Project designed to have an impact on their entire school. Finally, MCSR’s public awareness campaigns, launched city, state, or nationwide, influences social norms at the societal level.