Men Can Stop Rape's Core Values

View Men Positively

We believe all men have the capacity and desire to play a positive role in creating communities free from violence. As part of this belief, we assert that it is essential to approach men as potential allies rather than only as potential perpetrators. Further, in order for men to have empathy for themselves and women, we all must embrace and be comfortable with the full range of emotion in men that is authentically human.

Uphold Gender Equity
We believe that men's violence against women cannot be prevented without the parallel goal of gender justice. All systems of oppression, including the system of oppression against women and girls, foster cultures of violence. Therefore, men must join with women as allies in creating an equitable and just world for all genders in order to end men's violence against women.

Focus on Prevention
We aim to stop violence before it ever happens by helping men never act in violent or inequitable ways in their treatment of women and each other. Instead of helping women reduce their risk of being victims of men's violence, we focus on helping men use their strength in positive ways in all of their relationships.

Practice Non-Violence
We build on shared strength, not on strength over others. We help men learn healthy ways to express anger and the full range of emotions men are taught to suppress, and to recognize the vital role they play in creating violence-free cultures.

Challenge Assumptions
We intentionally bring edginess to the conversation about men's violence against women in order to challenge long held beliefs about appropriate behavior. We help men and boys to value the uncomfortable and to grow in their self-awareness and attitudes.

Connect Oppressions
Our work is not just about real and perceived differences in gender, but it is also deeply connected to racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, religious intolerance, and other oppressions that make everyone vulnerable to victimization.

Attend to Process
We believe the journey to learning and decision-making is as important as the chance for men to be understood and to feel safe in working with and embracing new concepts and ideas.

Act as Role Models and Leaders
We provide opportunities to model behaviors that give men an alternative to violence. As men develop and maintain positive relationships with women and each other, they model that behavior for their peers.