MCSR and MOST Club Recognized by White House

White_HouseMen Can Stop Rape and the Most Club are being recognized by the White House. First, Joe Samalin, Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator, was featured for his involvement in a town hall in New York City engaging men in preventing violence against women. Check it out:

"The U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and U.S. Department of Labor held a workshop at the New York City Housing Authority’s 10th Annual Domestic Violence Resource Fair.  “We Stand for Healthy Teen Dating Relationships” focused on the Male Perspective: Young Men as Leaders in Promoting Healthy Relationships with Women and Girls. Engaging roughly 80 high school students, college students and parents, nationally renowned anti-violence facilitators Joe Samalin of Men Can Stop Rape and Quentin Walcott of Connect-NYC dialogued with the group about the causes and consequences of abuse. Facilitators asked the group to describe women that they respect and why. The workshop ended with a series of suggestions about how they can engage other men in stopping relationship violence.  Participants left with an understanding of how they can personally engage on this issue: ‘say what you see.’ They were encouraged to stop abuse when it occurs and to contact professionals who are trained in this field."

Meanwhile, Brennan, a member of University of Hawaii-Hilo's Campus MOST Club, is being featured on the 1 is 2 Many Campaign front page for his idea for preventing sexual assault and promoting healthy masculinity:

“I think it'd be great to come up with profiles of men in our cultural histories who have taken stands to prevent violence and abuse. Respecting women should not be a threat to masculinity, but rather a fulfillment of true manhood.”