Resources for Male Survivors
Resources for male survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.

The mission of 1in6 is to help men who have had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood live healthier, happier lives.

Father's Touch
A web site about Donald D'Haene's memoir detailing his experience of sexual abuse in a seemingly traditional and strongly religious family in rural southwestern Ontario.

Dr. Richard Gartner's Web Site for Male Victims of Sexual Abuse
Read about his book, Betrayed as Boys, and learn of other resources.

For Men Only
A primer on male sexual assault published by the University of Texas Counseling and Mental Health Center.

From Darkness to Light
A resource for child survivors of rape and sexual assault.

Hope for Healing
Male Rape. Yes, men can be victimized. No, it does not mean you are weak. A listing of web resources for male survivors.

Male Survivor
In October of 1988 the first professional Conference on Male Sexual Victimization was held in Minneapolis. This ground-breaking conference, organized by a few dedicated mental health providers, brought together professionals who wanted to better understand and treat adult male survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Male to Male Child Sexual Abuse in the Context of Homophobia
An article by Kali Munro, M.Ed., Psychotherapist.

National Organization on Male Sexual Victimization
Dedicated to a safe world, we are an organization of diverse individuals committed through research, education, advocacy, and activism to the prevention, treatment and elimination of all forms of sexual victimization of boys and men.

No Escape
Male Rape in US Prisons
Human Rights Watch undertook three years of research to expose the problem of male rape in U.S. prisons. The resulting 378-page report is based on information from over 200 prisoners spread among thirty-four states, some of whom were interviewed personally, as well as an exhaustive survey of state prison authorities.

The Sexual Abuse of Males
Jim Hopper. PhD is a psychologist and for over 15 years a researcher and a therapist for men and women subjected to unwanted sexual experiences and other forms of abuse in childhood. He has published this site as a way to help those looking for resources on the sexual abuse of boys and the lasting effects of childhood sexual abuse in the lives of men.

Stop Prisoner Rape (SPR)
A national 501 (c) (3) human rights organization, Stop Prisoner Rape (SPR) seeks to end sexual violence against men, women, and youth in all forms of detention. Through education, outreach, and advocacy, SPR confronts indifference and combats the causes of prisoner rape. Resources
Resources for male survivors of sexual assault including links, books, and videos.