The Campus Men of Strength Club

Men Can Stop Rape’s Campus Men of Strength Clubs are the nation’s most comprehensive strategy to engage college and university men in preventing violence against women, developing and supporting healthy masculinity, and sustainably organizing to create campuses and cultures free from violence.

The Campus Men of Strength Club accomplishes these goals by supporting campus student groups, faculty and staff on college campuses, and men and women who are working to end violence against women. We provide training, organizing tools and technical assistance based on our experience of more than a decade as a national leader in the prevention of men’s violence against women.

The Campus Men of Strength Club is based on Men Can Stop Rape’s core organizational values: prevention, nonviolence, redefining masculinity, male positivity and gender equity. Members of our chapters examine and challenge masculinity as it relates to themselves and society, rejecting harmful aspects of traditional masculinity in favor of individual masculinities that affirm their unique realities and experiences. This positions them to create healthier, safer, and ultimately happier lives for themselves and the men and women they care about.

Members also take this knowledge and apply it throughout their campuses and communities in many ways, including:

  • Mentoring and role modeling healthy masculinity
  • Partnering with campus and community women’s groups
  • Conducting peer education
  • Sponsoring social and educational events
  • Engaging in activism
  • Exploring the many ways men can be allies of women and girls

In these and other ways, Campus Men of Strength Club members raise awareness around the important roles men can play in preventing violence against women and promote positive versions of masculinity.

To find out more about starting a Campus Men of Strength Club at your college or university, contact our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .