Using Healthy Masculinity & Popular Culture to Engage Men & Boys in Sexual Assault Prevention
FULL-DAY TRAINING. Jay-Z. Bacardi ads. Iron Man. Young men and boys are bombarded with role models and messages of masculinity every day through popular culture, but typically are not provided with the critical skills to evaluate them, especially as they relate to rape culture.

Professionals will walk away from this training ready to provide men and boys with a framework of critique based on unhealthy and healthy masculinity.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • characterize unhealthy and healthy masculinity
  • connect unhealthy masculinity with sexual assault and healthy masculinity with sexual assault prevention
  • explain how popular culture contains examples of both unhealthy and healthy masculinity
  • conduct learning activities that build young men’s critical skills analyzing representations of unhealthy and healthy masculinity in popular culture


  • “What is Healthy Masculinity?” info sheet
  • Outlines of learning activities
  • Where Do You Stand? postcards

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