Training trainers is like planting trees on a hillside. You know that life on that hill will improve: new growth will soak up pollution and create healthier habitats. The entire ecosystem benefits.

In a similar way, an entire social ecology improves when healthy masculinity trainers do the work of engaging men and boys. Through our half-day to three-day trainings, more than 12,000 people have developed the skills to grow men and boys’ investment in social and emotional intelligence as part of healthy masculinity and primary prevention.

We recognize that you have different training needs and interests. That’s why our suggested trainings are carefully tailored to different audiences, ensuring that participants leave with the skills they need to effectively engage men. Of course we can’t anticipate everyone’s training interests and are more than willing to create a customized training especially for you.

Learn about Men Can Stop Rape’s suggested trainings for:

Sexual Assault Professionals

University and College Professionals

Domestic Violence Professionals

The Where Do You Stand? training-for-trainers created a large and lasting ripple effect in our community                      Men Can Stop Rape's visit to campus was truly monumental...The trainer ignited a spark that will lead to a change in campus culture.                    This [was] a first class training, especially for those seeking to implement primary prevention initiatives.

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