Primary Prevention of Domestic Violence Training

The traditional view of domestic violence as solely a 'women's issue' and therefore a women's job to prevent has greatly affected our ability to address the epidemic of abusive intimate relationships in all forms. Based on Men Can Stop Rape's vast experience connecting traditional masculinity to gender-based violence, this training offers a new way to envision prevention of domestic and dating violence by more effectively engaging men and boys in our communities.  This training can be tailored to audiences with any amount of knowledge about domestic violence, and addresses domestic violence in the context of LGBTQ relationships and teen dating abuse as well.

Participants will learn:

  • Why and how domestic violence is also a men's issue, and how to frame it as such
  • The connections between traditional masculinity and key dynamics of domestic violence, as well as other forms of gender-based violence, especially sexual violence and intimate partner stalking
  • How to work with men and boys around issues of masculinity and domestic violence
  • How to engage men and boys in bystander intervention and the primary prevention of domestic violence
  • How to help men and boys foster healthier and more equitable relationships
  • How to increase and improve your community's sustainable efforts towards the primary prevention of domestic violence
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