Women Inspiring Strength and Empowerment Club

What is WISE Club?

Since 2012, Women Inspiring Strength and Empowerment (WISE Club) has provided young women with a structured and supportive space to learn about healthy femininity and redefine what it means to be a strong woman. Challenging the images and “dominant stories” they see in the media, their communities and across the globe, Club WISE encourages young women to look within and become their best selves.



WISE Club provides members with:

  • Access to positive female mentors
  • Fun environments
  • Healthier understandings of womanhood and femininity
  • Increased self-esteem and personality development
  • Increased awareness of men’s role in preventing violence against women
  • Increased skills to take public action to prevent violence against women
  • Conflict resolution skills

An evolution begins in WISE Club, because we transform what it means to be a woman by creating safe spaces to discuss difficult issues, like date rape, gender norms, violence and body image issues. Involvement in this revolutionary program can be the catalyst for maturation into a self-aware and confident young woman.

Learn about the youth empowerment conference, Project Me, here


Testimonials from WISE Club Members




  • “WISE club picks me up when I’m down. They make girls feel like they’re special. I have been feeling better ever since I came to WISE.” -Briana
  • "WISE club helped me to set my limits of what I’m about to do in my everyday life and it helps me express my feelings.” -Diamond
  • “WISE helped me release worry in my life and helped me understand that I am loved in every way.” -Zanaca
  • ”I’m happy to have a place where my voice is heard” – Tania 
  • “I do not judge others anymore by their appearance and I realized that I am not alone in how I think.” –Janine
  • "WISE Club has helped me figure out who I am.” –Erica
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Why do you feel it's important for young women to empower each other?

  • "As a young woman I think it is very important for young women to empower each other because we live in a lifestyle where a woman would immediately judge another woman instead of understanding her and getting to know her. This may be because of insecurities or because she is simply jealous. It is very important that woman work together to get ahead because in society it is already viewed that men are better than women due to our past so women have to work together to succeed." - Sierra
  • "I feel that it's important for young women to empower each other so that they have motivation. Also, young women this generation bring each other down to pump their ego but if we empower each other this generation would be good, respectful, and accomplished." - Emonie


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